canstockphoto6790170NICEIC Installation Condition Report formerly known as a Periodic Inspection and Testing (landlord’s safety certificates)

  • “What is an electrical installation condition report or periodic inspection ? “

An electrical installation condition report is an inspection on the condition of an existing electrical installation, to identify any deficiencies against the National Standard BS 7671, for the safety of electrical installations. With age all electrical installations detriorate. It is recommended that the condition reports are carried out every five years for a property that is rented or 10 years if it is owner occupied. It can also be known as fixed electrical testing.

  • “Do I need to have an electrical installation condition report ? “

An electrical installation condition report is carried out for the following reasons :

  • * Buying a property – If you are thinking of buying a property we recommend that you have the electrical system tested so you will have no nasty surprises when you move in.
  • * Selling a property
  • * A property to be let – Electrical installation condition reports can also be used to reduce insurance costs for landlords, offices and commercial premises.
  • * Your insurance company asks for it following some major damage eg mains water leak
  • * Peace of mind – Although the UK has a fairly good record of electrical safety, there are still over 30 deaths and nearly 4000 injuries from electrical accidents in addition to the 8000 fires that occur in the home each year. Most of the accidents in the home involve faults in, or the misuse of, domestic appliances, flexes, plugs or connections. A large number are related to electrical maintenance or DIY activities. The major dangers to health from electrical accidents are from shock, burns, electrical explosion or arcing, fire, and mechanical movements initiated by electricity.

The causes of such incidents are varied but include:

  • Deterioration of the electrical installation.
  • Broken accessories and equipment.
  • Misuse of the installation and equipment and occasional vandalism.
  • Inconsistent maintenance programs.

  • ” No electrical safety certificate ! “

If you have had work carried out by other parties and no electrical safety certificate has been issued we can carry out an electrical installation condition report on the works and issue a certificate , and if necessary correct any substandard electrical works.